7-Year-Old Donates over 12,000 Lbs. Of Food to Local Pantry.

7-Year-Old Donates over 12,000 Lbs. Of Food to Local Pantry.

Meet Kaden Newton, 7-Year-Old Entrepreneur. Yeah, we said 7… Kaden has created a company called “Mac & Cheese and Pancakes” through which he donates “kid-friendly” foods to his local food pantry in Texas!

Kaden and his very supportive parents have been donating food to their local food pantry for the last 3 years, because Kaden had mentioned back then, he wanted to start a business to help feed the poor.

Tear jerker, we know! Most 4 year olds would be fiddling around mom or dads IPad or IPhone, Kaden was thinking waaaaay above his mental age.

Kaden didn’t just stop at donating foods, he began to take a closer look at the families that were in the waiting rooms of the Food Pantry, and became very aware that many of the foods were not items that kids his age would really get “excited” about.

And that’s were “Mac & Cheese and Pancakes” came to life. He began creating a list of products such as Chef Boyardee, Peanut Butter, Mac & Cheese, and spaghetti. He promoted the Amazon Wish List on his “Mac & Cheese and Pancakes” Facebook Page, and started to coordinate food drives within the community.

It did not stop there… Kaden began to ask his school staff, family members, friends, and anyone who would be enthusiastic and nice enough to donate some Kid friend foods! By week two, it grew nationwide attention and Kaden reached over 10,000 items donated!! Over 12,000 lbs. of food donations.

GO KADEN! What a beautiful story, definitely out of the norm with our blogs about mediation and yoga, but when a very special person does something out of the ordinary to touch thousands of lives, you cannot just ignore it!


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Girl Scout CEREAL… Get Excited.

Girl Scout CEREAL… Get Excited.

The moment we have all been waiting for… Now your favorite thin mint girl scout cookies are soon to become your new favorite cereal! Girl Scouts and General Mills are paired up to create this hopefully soon to be breakfast favorite.

Now, this may ruin your New Years resolution goals for 2017… but they are supposed to debut in January! We really don’t know how long they will around so make sure to stock up. The company has not released much information as to date, so we will be making a blog at a later date that’s updated so make sure to follow us!

General Mills has had its fair share of limited edition products in the past, such as their Star Wars-inspired cereal back in 2015! We wish we had some more information at this time, but we just had to share… a spoonful of thin mint cereal, we can only wait in anticipation.

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Yoga: It Is All About How Much You Are Willing To Do

There is more power in our hands than we think. Inside our palms and every part of our body are circles of energy called nerve ganglia that are known as chakras in the yoga world. We often hear about the fact that our body has 7 chakras but the truth is that there are more than 7 chakras. Once we realize this, we will start to feel the energy in our hands and realize the deep power that we all contain.

There are many benefits of understanding and realizing your hand chakras. For example, the Downward Facing Dog pose is going to be very beneficial for both your fingers and hands. Our bodies should be in line with what our hands can offer and therefore, it is very important to establish a decent connection between the two to fully feel the power you contain within yourself.

Benefits of Stretching Our Hands

Stretching our hands and fingers are important to keep the things and fluid mobile. Our hands have a tendency to curl on in themselves and they should be pushed towards getting a decent natural tendency. If we don’t stretch our fingers, our wrists will be limited and we will lose the power in our bodies and overall functioning.

It goes without saying that it is important and vital to channel your yoga energies through your hands. If you are looking for some good yoga poses, here are the top 3:

Anjali Mudra

Anjali means to offer. Mudra is a reminder that we are offering our body for the greater good. If you want to be a part of Anjali, you have to practice it to make sure all your fears and worries disappear. To start preparing, take a few important conscious breaths with your palms together and fingers wide. Then rest your thumb on the upper chest and extend fingers away. Lift the heart in your hands and start to bow your chin and then close your eyes. It is also important that you keep your shoulders, face and breath relaxed.

Lotus Mudra

The Lotus Mudra is another popular mudra that is good for your hands. It involves a lot of folding and unfolding in your hands. This mudra is a reminder that there is a lot of good and positivity in life that is waiting for you.

To perform the lotus mudra, you have to take on what the Anjali mudra left. Keep the pinkies together, thumbs together and then base of your palms touching. Then work to open three middle fingers and keep the space in your palms open.

Gayn Mudra

The Gayn Mudra is mudra that lets you open the 6th and 7th chakra. To perform, you have to keep the thumbs to make sure they correlate- keep the thumbs close to the pituitary and endocrine glands. Then work to press the centers with the index fingers and the two glands will start working actively.

Channeling the energy in your hands is vital if you want to live peacefully and have a smooth body flow.

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Hillary Clinton’s Stand On Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization has everybody talking but what does Hillary Clinton have to say about it? We all know that Hillary’s husband has a history with marijuana. He told in 1992, when he ran for President, that he experimented with cannabis but did not inhale or try it again.

Four years ago, California becomes the first state to legalize medical marijuana and 2 decades ago, Colorado and Washington did the same with recreational weed. The proponents of medical marijuana want it to be legalized and so do more than half of the Americans. Today, four states allow possession and sale of marijuana.

This is where Hillary Clinton comes in. The main reason why Clinton has to pay attention to this is simple; no state legislature has legalized marijuana. It has only happened through ballot boxes. Clinton made a stance on marijuana.  To realize what Clinton’s stakes are, it is important to understand what others have to say about marijuana. Bernie Sanders says that marijuana should be removed from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency list of controlled substances. On the other hand, the DEA is pretty much against marijuana and its legalization as it says that marijuana is addictive and does not contain any medical use.

You’ll be surprised to realize that Clinton says the same. She wants to change the status of marijuana to the same as cannabis or cocaine. She is also against marijuana coming up on the state level, saying that she does not want that to happen. Moreover, she also proposes that the federal government should be doing their research on marijuana to see and assess whether it has medical uses and what essentially these medical uses are.

Those who support marijuana did not have much to say about it and stood against Hillary’s stance. While Hillary has made her stance on marijuana pretty simple, she has also been influenced to some degree with the whole thing. Marijuana legalization had America in an uproar and it will continue to. There are many people who are in favor of marijuana and many that are not in favor of it. The truth is that both sides exist and politicians are in the same boat. There are some politicians that say that it is important to get marijuana legalized while other politicians are unsure about it and claim that it might not have as many medical uses as it is claimed to be.

Generally, Hillary is not shying away from this topic and has made her stance on marijuana very clear. She is also aware of the fact that it is important to improve the use of medical marijuana. She knows the side effects of it and wants more research to go in whether marijuana can actually be used as a measure of alleviating symptoms of ill health.

Whatever her stance, Hillary is amongst the many other politicians who have and haven’t approved the legalization of marijuana.

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Is Marijuana Legalization in Northeast Affecting Alcohol Distributors?

Marijuana legalization in the Northeast has affected alcohol distributors to a big extent. The big players in the alcohol business are pushing on marijuana legalization initiative for obvious reasons.

Massachusetts is amongst the five states that are not working to conduct a poll for legalizing recreation marijuana. On the other hand, the alcohol industry is pushing against it because it means losses for them. Amongst the anti-legalization group, The Intercept’s Lee Fang, which contains 16 of the state’s beer distributors have proposed against its legalization.

Moreover, Boston Beer Company is also very worried about the potentials of cannabis legalization. There are certain states that are considering or have passed the laws that encircle regulation of sale and distribution in marijuana. The main reason why marijuana usage could affect you is that it could adversely affect the demand for the company’s products and that too to a huge extent.

The beer world and beer people are all concerned about weed legalization. However, there is a big difference between the former group and the latter distributors of beer. Both the distributors and brewers are quite worried about the negative sales impacts of the beer. Moreover, it is also quite surprising to see the distribution side of the beer industry and how they have negatively reacted to beer. Marijuana has been legalized in other states and beer and alcohol distributor is part of the conversation regarding marijuana legalization.

The logic behind this is simple: After marijuana is legalized, the state government will continue to regulate marijuana industry in a similar fashion to the beer and alcohol industry. The distributors are now acting as a middle man between the brewers and wholesalers. Moreover, they have all the tracks, routes and employees in the process as well.

What is even more bizarre is that beer and alcohol sales are up alongside the legalization of marijuana. This is true for Colorado. The tax records are indicative of the fact that alcohol sales have continued to rise in Colorado even though recreational marijuana has been legalized. The government has benefitted from the legalization of marijuana because the tax revenues that have come from marijuana have tripled between the time periods of June 2014 to May 2015. Alcohol sales are on the rise and they will continue to rise even though the excise tax is 2.1 percent.

The concerns between alcohol and beer groups and marijuana legalization are a tricky subject. There are many concerns encircling the beer groups and alcohol groups in Massachusetts due to financial pushback. Moreover, it is also not clear as to how these push backs are based on logic.

It is also not very clear as to whether the recreational marijuana initiative will pass in Massachusetts or not but we feel that doing so will have an adverse impact on sales. Moreover, the latest poll also suggests that 41 percent of the people are in favor of it and 9 percent are still unsure about recreational marijuana legalization.

What is a Chakra and what does it Say About you?

What is a Chakra and what does it Say About you?

In today’s blog, we will discuss everything that you have to know about a chakra and  its importance in our lives.

  • What is a Chakra?

Chakra is all about a concept rather than a definite definition. Chakras are not a physical but at the same time they interact and connect with the physical. Chakras are usually represented by color charts to better understand the functioning of human thoughts and emotions. Chakras are not emotional or mental but just like the physical aspect; they interact with each of these realms.

  • Chakras in Harmony:

All these chakras work in harmony together to build an ascending level of consciousness in a person, if these chakras are not in any form harmony then it means there are some hurdles in a way of your healing and positive thoughts.

  • What is wrong with our Chakras?

If there is disharmony in the Chakras then it means that there are certain hurdles in the way of your healing process and thought process.

The best way to determine what these blockages are is to study what our emotions and thoughts are most of the times. Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect makes up our whole personality. So to evaluate the reason for disharmony in chakras is to look for any dysfunctions or ailments that you manifest in any emotional, physical or mental form.

  • Seven Chakras:

Most people pay more focus to seven chakras that run vertically up our body, but in reality there are far more chakras around 1000.  These chakras are smaller and precisely tunes as compared to seven more prominent chakras. As discussed before, our chakras represent our emotions, thoughts and feelings: they can be open or closed, spinning fast or slow.

  • Chakras Frequency:

The chakras running up in our body are represented by a set of frequencies and each frequency depicts each different Chakra. There are different things that vibrate to their corresponding chakra such as: colors, foods, gemstones, essence, foods, sounds and attitudes. For better understanding, let us take an example:




  • 5th Chakra:

The 5th or throat chakra vibrates at 384Hz: since that the 5th chakra deals with things related to truth, so anything that resonates with this frequency will have an effect on this area and influence our personal truth.

  • Balance the Chakras:

The best way to balance and harmonize your chakra and its frequency is through meditation. You can affect the chakra by focusing on the sounds or mantra that vibrates at the same frequency as the chakra frequency.

  • Seven Chakras:

First Chakra:

Location: base of the spine

Association: food, shelter, tribal groups and safety

Second Chakra:

Location: below navel

Association: creativity, emotional, money, passion and desires

Third Chakra:

Location: solar plexus

Association: self-esteem, self-worth, personal power and responsibility

Fourth Chakra:

Location: center of the chest

Association: unconditional love, receiving and giving love

Fifth Chakra:

Location: middle of the throat

Association: faith, speaking and communication

Sixth Chakra:

Location: center of the head in line with the brows

We will leave you with this quote of the day: Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. ~Seneca

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How Much Sleep does Your Body Deserve?

How Much Sleep does Your Body Deserve?

What would you do, if your car ran out of fuel? What would you do if your mobile’s battery runs out? In these and some other similar situations you would do what every sensible person should do; recharge and refuel. What would you do when your body runs out of its fuel or battery? The answer is simple you should recharge it as well. Food is our body’s fuel and sleep is the battery. In today’s article, we will discuss about human battery alone: Sleep.

• Good news for students: Sleeping is good and healthy for you and your body
People pay a lot of money and funds to solve their problems, like getting rid of:
a) Weight
b) Stress
c) Being lethargic most of the time
What they do not know is that having good sleeping pattern will fulfill all of the points discussed above and will solve some of their problems if not all of them.
• What does sleeping really mean?
Just like the situation discussed above, your body needs recharging as well like any other car or mobile phone that you have. Sleeping stores energy in your body that you require to move around and do any work. In certain situations not sleeping for long period of times prove fatal for the body, so make sure that you are giving your body what it deserves and need.
• Your Day-to-Day routine:
Before discussing anything further, we will list some of the points that will tell you how you can improve your health and have a fit body.
a) You should always make a sleeping schedule for yourself, and work around that schedule at all times. This will ensure that you improve your sleeping patterns and with time you will see the positive difference in your health and strength.
b) You should incorporate exercise regimen with your sleeping schedule as well. Exercise is also very important to have a healthy lifestyle.
c) You should make sure that you sleep with the ideal lighting setup and temperature. It should be done so that you get maximum relation while sleeping.
d) Be sure to turn all of the electronics before you go for bed. Otherwise it can be harmful or dangerous.
e) You should avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine as they steal away any sleep that you have.
f) You should always sleep on a comfortable surface and mattress.

• Sleep patterns and hours:
Following are the hours that we have divided according to your age limit.
1. 14 to 17 hours a day for babies up to 3 months.
2. 12 to 15 hours for infants from 4-11 months.
3. 11 to 14 hours for toddlers of 1-2 years.
4. 10 to 13 hours for preschoolers from 3-5 years.
5. 9 to 11 hours for 6-13 years school age children.
6. 8 to 10 hours for teenagers of 14-17 years.
7. 7 to 9 hours for 18-25 years old young adults.
8. 7 to 9 hours for 26-64 years old.
9. 7 to 8 hours for people older than 65.

Like we always do, we will leave you with a quote of the day:

“Everybody needs some time to rejuvenate, refresh, recharge and begin again. Seeing babies face is the best way to relax, refresh, rejuvenate and recharge.”
― Revathi Sankaran

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