Hillary Clinton’s Stand On Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization has everybody talking but what does Hillary Clinton have to say about it? We all know that Hillary’s husband has a history with marijuana. He told in 1992, when he ran for President, that he experimented with cannabis but did not inhale or try it again.

Four years ago, California becomes the first state to legalize medical marijuana and 2 decades ago, Colorado and Washington did the same with recreational weed. The proponents of medical marijuana want it to be legalized and so do more than half of the Americans. Today, four states allow possession and sale of marijuana.

This is where Hillary Clinton comes in. The main reason why Clinton has to pay attention to this is simple; no state legislature has legalized marijuana. It has only happened through ballot boxes. Clinton made a stance on marijuana.  To realize what Clinton’s stakes are, it is important to understand what others have to say about marijuana. Bernie Sanders says that marijuana should be removed from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency list of controlled substances. On the other hand, the DEA is pretty much against marijuana and its legalization as it says that marijuana is addictive and does not contain any medical use.

You’ll be surprised to realize that Clinton says the same. She wants to change the status of marijuana to the same as cannabis or cocaine. She is also against marijuana coming up on the state level, saying that she does not want that to happen. Moreover, she also proposes that the federal government should be doing their research on marijuana to see and assess whether it has medical uses and what essentially these medical uses are.

Those who support marijuana did not have much to say about it and stood against Hillary’s stance. While Hillary has made her stance on marijuana pretty simple, she has also been influenced to some degree with the whole thing. Marijuana legalization had America in an uproar and it will continue to. There are many people who are in favor of marijuana and many that are not in favor of it. The truth is that both sides exist and politicians are in the same boat. There are some politicians that say that it is important to get marijuana legalized while other politicians are unsure about it and claim that it might not have as many medical uses as it is claimed to be.

Generally, Hillary is not shying away from this topic and has made her stance on marijuana very clear. She is also aware of the fact that it is important to improve the use of medical marijuana. She knows the side effects of it and wants more research to go in whether marijuana can actually be used as a measure of alleviating symptoms of ill health.

Whatever her stance, Hillary is amongst the many other politicians who have and haven’t approved the legalization of marijuana.

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