In today’s blog, we will discuss everything that you have to know about a chakra and  its importance in our lives.

  • What is a Chakra?

Chakra is all about a concept rather than a definite definition. Chakras are not a physical but at the same time they interact and connect with the physical. Chakras are usually represented by color charts to better understand the functioning of human thoughts and emotions. Chakras are not emotional or mental but just like the physical aspect; they interact with each of these realms.

  • Chakras in Harmony:

All these chakras work in harmony together to build an ascending level of consciousness in a person, if these chakras are not in any form harmony then it means there are some hurdles in a way of your healing and positive thoughts.

  • What is wrong with our Chakras?

If there is disharmony in the Chakras then it means that there are certain hurdles in the way of your healing process and thought process.

The best way to determine what these blockages are is to study what our emotions and thoughts are most of the times. Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect makes up our whole personality. So to evaluate the reason for disharmony in chakras is to look for any dysfunctions or ailments that you manifest in any emotional, physical or mental form.

  • Seven Chakras:

Most people pay more focus to seven chakras that run vertically up our body, but in reality there are far more chakras around 1000.  These chakras are smaller and precisely tunes as compared to seven more prominent chakras. As discussed before, our chakras represent our emotions, thoughts and feelings: they can be open or closed, spinning fast or slow.

  • Chakras Frequency:

The chakras running up in our body are represented by a set of frequencies and each frequency depicts each different Chakra. There are different things that vibrate to their corresponding chakra such as: colors, foods, gemstones, essence, foods, sounds and attitudes. For better understanding, let us take an example:




  • 5th Chakra:

The 5th or throat chakra vibrates at 384Hz: since that the 5th chakra deals with things related to truth, so anything that resonates with this frequency will have an effect on this area and influence our personal truth.

  • Balance the Chakras:

The best way to balance and harmonize your chakra and its frequency is through meditation. You can affect the chakra by focusing on the sounds or mantra that vibrates at the same frequency as the chakra frequency.

  • Seven Chakras:

First Chakra:

Location: base of the spine

Association: food, shelter, tribal groups and safety

Second Chakra:

Location: below navel

Association: creativity, emotional, money, passion and desires

Third Chakra:

Location: solar plexus

Association: self-esteem, self-worth, personal power and responsibility

Fourth Chakra:

Location: center of the chest

Association: unconditional love, receiving and giving love

Fifth Chakra:

Location: middle of the throat

Association: faith, speaking and communication

Sixth Chakra:

Location: center of the head in line with the brows

We will leave you with this quote of the day: Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. ~Seneca

Until Next time,



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