The Importance of Nutrition and Health – A Student’s Guide


Keeping up with a healthy routine and lifestyle is difficult because of the commitments college comes with; quizzes, assignments, projects and of course, keeping your attendance in check. However, even this can be managed and balanced into a better lifestyle so you stay healthy and fit, both physically and mentally.

Here are some things you need to take care of along with your studies:

Nutrition and Eating the Right Food

College students usually have a limited budget on one hand and on the other, a 24/7 access to fast food and quick snacks. This is where the challenge of decision arises. The best thing a student can do in order to overcome this, is to learn how to cook. It’s not as difficult as it may seem and it will definitely be worth it! If you have a nutritional diet plan spread throughout the week, you will be much less likely to opt for the unhealthy food available on campus. Make sure you keep some healthy snacks with you all the time in order to avoid buying any unhealthy snacks. Regularly munch on fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts to keep yourself from getting hungry in between meals. They provide you a lot of energy which will help get you all the energy you need for all those study sessions.

Exercising Regularly

The importance of a regular and proper exercise routine cannot be stressed on enough. It helps keep your mind sharp and maintain a healthy functioning body. And adjusting exercise in your normal routine may seem impossible. But you don’t need to do all the exercise at once. In fact, cycling or walking to and from class is also a good option for exercise if the distance is appropriate. Apart from this, all you need to adjust is 30 minutes of a cardio every week. Then, you can add a 10 minute jumping jack session before heading off to class and get your day started with proper circulation to remain more active. Most schools and colleges also have a state of the art gym where students can go to stay fit. Utilize their investment and recharge your body with an hour at the gym.

Start a “Healthy Food” campaign

Enlighten fellow students on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and diet. Gather together some students and ask school authorities to start providing healthy food to students on campus. When enough students realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the cafeteria will be left with no other choice than meeting that demand by providing students with a healthier menu.

College students need to avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol use as much as possible to accompany this lifestyle and make it truly beneficial for their health. And the only way you can encourage yourself to do this is by sticking with friends that share similar thoughts. Even if you are not involved in such activities, and your friends are, you might become victim to peer pressure and give in. Make sure that you are with the proper company and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your college life.

We hope this blog post has helped open your eyes a little!! Here is our quote of the day!

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”  ~Author Unknown

Until next time,



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